Sophie Harrison

After a nomadic upbringing Sophie considers herself a ‘third culture kid’ (TCK: a person who has spent a significant part of her developmental years outside the parents’ culture…frequently builds relationships to all of the cultures, while not having full ownership in any.) After 3 years at university in Manchester, England studying film, media and photography, Sophie did what any sensible graduate does and went AWOL in South America and New Zealand. She re-emerged back in her adopted motherland of Kenya in late 2012 with some excellent life skills that included monkey wrangling and sheep shearing; exactly the skills Wild Communications was looking for. Turns out she wasn’t bad at writing and collecting content, or website and social media maintenance either.

Sophie has worked on the set of Kenya’s most popular TV series, later specialising in the production company’s marketing and social media. She has also volunteered with several wildlife conservation initiatives in Kenya, the UK and in South America.