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Why is good design so important?

So you can communicate your message to those who need to hear it in a clear, considered and creative way. It is the bridge between you and your target audience.


How do you want the world to see you and how do you want your message to be understood? Communication and design across all aspects of your company’s brand is your first impression to the world and gives you opportunity to set the tone from the outset – what people can expect from you, why you are different from your competitors and how you can help them. Design and branding has the potential to get clients through the door: it is your promise to the customer.


This is your identity, who you are to the world, your promise. Branding tells your audience from day one what they can expect from your company, and how you and what you do differ from your competitors. Above valuing products; people value status, ideas and personalities. This is why branding should be central to the workings of your company.


Web design is the most important element of your online presence – the digital face to your business. People need to be able to easily navigate the information, feel confident in what you are saying and understand why you are different/a better choice than your competitors. People have minimal patience when online, so the hierarchy and clarity of information is essential in getting your message across to those who need to hear it.


With the foundations of strong branding and web design in place, maintaining consistency across communications is key in order to be effective and have the desired effect. Whether that be an annual report or collateral for a campaign, every element needs to be well considered and in-line with your brand.
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