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We are experts at empowering organisations to reach their fundraising goals and grow their mission.
We work with nonprofits of all sizes to assess, research, and design effective fundraising strategies. For each client, we combine our unique set of services into custom solutions, so your organisation can expect a tailored approach. We can help you build a strong organisation that makes the world more just and fair for all. We understand the challenges you face in trying to raise the money you need, and will work with you to create the fundraising program that best suits your mission and culture.
We lead your organisation through a thoughtful assessment to align goals with organisational values and create a bold plan of action. We help you realistically and objectively consider your organisation's financial health, effectiveness, capacity and relevance within the community.


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Major gifts don’t just fall out of the sky. Asking for major gifts takes more time and patience than donation appeals for smaller contributions. Forming that connection with a donor is crucial to major gift success and we can help you make that happen. We will empower you to systemise your approach to major gift fundraising.

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65+% of all fundraising site web traffic is on mobile and is growing each year. This is an area of fundraising you cannot afford to get wrong. We can help you build a deeper relationship with your donors, frequent communication, and an easy digital giving experience.


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Preparing a complex proposal take time, skill, and knowledge about what makes for a winning application package. Our team will take your application from the starting line to submission. You will have confidence and peace of mind knowing that your proposal is as complete and competitive as it can be, putting your organisation in a stronger position to get the win!

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We use the term “Campaigns & Advocacy” to describe the unique way we influence public opinion and public behaviour. Our comprehensive, coordinated campaigns are designed to win, whether that means overcoming an industry’s negative public image, averting a PR crisis, changing people’s mindset about key issues, or accomplishing a challenging public policy objective. Winning is the
key objective.


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